Out with Cancer

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Our aims

The Out with Cancer study aims to:

  1. Understand the unique cancer experiences of LGBTQI+ people and their carers
  2. Ascertain barriers and facilitators to the delivery of culturally competent cancer communication and care to LGBTQI+ patients.
  3. Synthesise and implement findings into tailored support materials for LGBTQI+ people with cancer and caregivers, and Australian LGBTQI+ cancer best practice and policy recommendations

Research design

We used a mixed-method design, incorporating surveys, semi-structured interviews, photovoice interviews and a resource audit to explore LGBTQI+ experiences of cancer and cancer care from multiple perspectives. This involved working with LGBTQI+ people with cancer, carers (including partners, friends and family) and healthcare professionals to understand their experiences and needs.

OWC Research Design

We received ethical approval for this study from Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee (ref. no. H12664), with secondary ethical approval from ACON (ref. no. 2019/09).

The study used an integrated knowledge transfer (iKT) framework: at all stages of the project, we worked alongside a stakeholder advisory group which included LGBTQI people with cancer and carers, cancer healthcare professionals, and representatives from LGBTQI+ health and cancer support organisations. This group helped us to make sure our study materials were appropriate and relevant, spread word of the project to help us recruit, and advised on how we could make sure the outcomes of the research made a difference to the way LGBTQI+ people with cancer and carers are supported in the healthcare system.

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