THRI Members and their research in the media:

The ConversationPeople use sauna for well-being, but its medical benefits are not widely understood (opens in a new window)
The ConversationResearch Check: have scientists found the cause of endometriosis? (opens in a new window)
Business ReportGlobal scientists root for digital tools to transform Africa's farming (opens in a new window)
The LeaderEveryBODY study found one in five adolescents in the Hunter experienced a significantly impairing eating disorder (opens in a new window)
ABC Radio NationalNew NT Aboriginal language dictionary released (opens in a new window)
Education TodayShould phones be banned from Vic schools? Academics say 'no' (opens in a new window)
Science MagWomen missing class and missing out due to period pain (opens in a new window)
The conversationPeriod pain is impacting women at school, uni and work. Let’s be open about it (opens in a new window)
Sydney Morning HeraldWomen prefer class fitness, and it gives their wallets a workout (opens in a new window)
ABC ClassicWhy play the piano? (opens in a new window)
Science DailySkinny self-image, heavy workouts in adolescence are warning signs, study shows (opens in a new window)
ABC RadioMen’s Health Week - early detection for illnesses (opens in a new window)
Mirage NewsMen’s Health Week calls for male-friendly GPs (opens in a new window)
ABC RadioHow can people get fire fit for bushfire season? (opens in a new window)
Radio 2SEROlder Adult Music Education: Maintain Active Minds and Bodies (opens in a new window)
The Healthy Mummy80% of mums felt like their interactions with midwives were rushed (opens in a new window)
SBSUniversity aims to close the cultural gap for Muslim nursing and midwifery students (opens in a new window)
Potential Psychology PodcastThe power of music to boost your mood with Dr Sandra Garrido (opens in a new window)
SBSMedicine Or Myth? (opens in a new window)
ApoliticalRethinking children’s rights for a digital age (opens in a new window)
BabyLab PodcastBabylab: Your questions answered (opens in a new window)
Weekend SunriseWarnings to be aware of strokes
Star Observer12 things gay and bisexual men should know about prostate cancer (opens in a new window)
BabyLab PodcastBabyLab: The importance of play (opens in a new window)
The Daily EditionIn Australia each year, a person has a stroke every nine minutes -- so what are the signs we need to look out for and how can we reduce the risk? (opens in a new window)
The ConversationWe asked five experts: should Australia lower the voting age to 16? (opens in a new window)
Nine NewsOrthorexia Nervosa: When a healthy lifestyle turns into a toxic obsession (opens in a new window)
The ConversationYoung voters may hold the key to the NSW state election: here’s why (opens in a new window)
Daily Telegraph, Blacktown City CouncilAfghan activist named Blacktown Woman of the Year (opens in a new window); Blacktown's woman of the year
10 DailyA decade-long Australian study has drawn a new link finding that feeding babies earlier can lead to childhood obesity (opens in a new window)
MD MagazineParental Pressure Linked to Medical School Uncertainty, Potential Burnout (opens in a new window)
ABC RadioHelping young people with depression navigate music choices (opens in a new window)
Science TrendsThe Occurrence Of Eating Disorder Behaviours In The General Community (opens in a new window)
ABC Classic FMNew program explores the relationship between music and depression (opens in a new window)
Sydney Morning HeraldWe need to talk about violence – to men and boys (opens in a new window)
The New Daily
SBS InsightEndometriosis: what we don’t know is costing us a fortune (opens in a new window)
ABC RadioAustralian students to strike against climate change inaction (opens in a new window)
SBS NewsAid groups welcome 'significant decline' in FGM rates among African girls (opens in a new window)
The ConversationNew research shines light on sexual violence at Australian music festivals (opens in a new window)
The ConversationDigital diagnosis: How your smartphone or wearable device could forecast illness (opens in a new window)
Wollondilly, Camden-Narellan, Campbelltown Macarthur AdvertiserNew model of care to ‘revolutionise’ dementia treatment in Macarthur (opens in a new window), New dementia clinic will reduce diagnosis time (opens in a new window)
ABC OnlineFood, Ageing and the Future (opens in a new window)
ABC - Catalyst'Beating Diabetes' (opens in a new window)
Ask the Experts webcastProstate Cancer: Sex, Intimacy & Relationships (opens in a new window)
Today 2018Alzheimer's hope (opens in a new window)
ABC News/Radio/videoStem cells used to grow eye lenses could help treat young and old with cataracts (opens in a new window) / ABC Video (opens in a new window)
2SER RadioA better future in sight (opens in a new window)
EurekAlert!Haphazard cholesterol checks put Australians at risk of heart disease (opens in a new window)
ABC News/RadioUnexpected births in cars and bathrooms: Why some babies are born before arrival at hospital (opens in a new window) / ABC Radio Interview (opens in a new window)
SBS RadioCultural taboos around body leave many unaware of endometriosis (opens in a new window)
Talking LifestyleAustralian women are healthier than men MP3, 7008.19 KB (opens in a new window)
ABC NewsBreaking the menstrual taboo: Why period stigma still holds women back (opens in a new window)
ABC RadioLadies, We Need to Talk: Let's Slay Menstrual Taboos (opens in a new window)
The Sydney Morning Herald Shame, secrecy and silence keep women in sex purgatory PDF, 312.93 KB (opens in a new window)
The Macarthur Chronicle University health research staff operate a soup kitchen to raise funds for charity (opens in a new window)
The Sydney Morning Herald Let's talk about sex, knowledge, health and well-being, baby (opens in a new window)
ABC Radio Cancer survivors suffering lower libidos long after disease is gone (opens in a new window)