Music Instrument Learning Throughout Ageing and Cognitive Impairment

Thank you to everyone who participated in this study. Recruitment for this study has now closed. If you would like to be contacted about future studies please sign up to be a part of our Age lab registry here.

Music Instrument Learning Throughout Ageing and Cognitive Impairment

Music Cognition and Action

This study aims to improve cognitive capabilities and quality of life for older adults by facilitating music-making activities using improvisational and educational techniques.

The study will include older adults who do and do not have a subjective cognitive impairment, that is, a self-reported decline in cognition. The project will evaluate the music-making effects on participants' levels of attention, processing speed, visual learning, working memory, executive functioning, quality of life and social engagement. An assessment of how far this generalises to improvements in the completion of everyday tasks will also take place.  Additionally, the level of creative input that participants perceive to have in the study will be evaluated.

This research will make a direct contribution to the music and cognition evidence base surrounding the use of music learning for older adults with and without a cognitive impairment. Knowledge will be advanced as to how music can enhance older adults’ health and wellbeing and how best to design future music-based programs with a particular focus on participant levels of creative input.

Researchers are recruiting 60-85 year old participants to take part in this study.  Please contact Anita directly to take part.

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Human Research Ethics Committee Approval Number: H14092

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