Time travelling with technology for people with dementia


Reminiscence Therapy (RT) provides an opportunity for people with dementia to talk about memories. We investigated whether coupling RT and immersive technology is feasible and beneficial to modulate behaviour associated with dementia.

Images sourced from Google Earth and Streetview are displayed on large “Liquid Galaxy” screens to create the immersive environment based on prior discussions with the participant. Researchers then steer a course through a series of landmarks, virtually time travelling through the life of the participant – exploring their first school, family home, favourite holiday destinations and more.

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A new pilot program has been developed to help transform the lives of patient's in aged care. Neuroscience research has identified music as one of the few activities that stimulates and uses the entire brain.


This study explored how music is used in aged care facilities in Australia, staff perceptions of the impact of music on residents, and the barriers to more effective implementation of music in aged care settings.
The study suggests that even mild hearing loss in healthy OAs can affect the speech adaptations made to maintain effective communication.