About Us

MARCS AgeLab is a Western Sydney University research laboratory for pure and applied research, with the goal of understanding how sensing, perceiving, learning, thinking and action change across the lifespan. We aim to understand social, emotional, and cognitive changes, and to develop programs that can help support healthy ageing.

We represent multiple disciplines and approaches, and collaborate closely with researchers from across Western Sydney University as well as with local and international research groups, industry partners, and members of the Western Sydney community.

Across projects, we study how older adults hear, perceive and produce speech, language and social cues; how people are best supported to learn, adapt and remember as they age; and how ageing impacts decision making.

Our researchers use state of the art equipment including eye-tracking, brain activity (via non-invasive electrical and blood-based measures), and emotion-recognition technology.

Our shared vision is to optimise wellbeing of older Australians by finding new ways to support meaningful cognitive and social engagement.