Basil Roufogalis

Adjunct Professor Emeritus Basil Roufogalis, of the Discipline of Pharmacology, School of Medical Sciences, Sydney Medical School, the University of Sydney, joins NICM Health Research Institute as an Adjunct Professor. His current study investigates overcoming multidrug resistance in cancer.

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Danforn Lim

Adjunct Professor Danforn Lim graduated from UNSW with a MBBS and PhD in Medicine. He is a medical practitioner (with general and specialist registrations), registered Chinese medicine practitioner, university clinical academician and a well-known media personality in the Chinese community in Sydney NSW.

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Daniel Chan

Adjunct Professor Daniel Chan is Head of Aged Care and Repatriation at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital.

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David Briggs

Adjunct Professor David Briggs was appointed as a NICM Health Research Institute Adjunct Professor in 2006. He is also a member of the International Advisory Board on Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards, and the World Health Organization Expert Advisory Panel on Traditional Medicine.

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Dilip Ghosh

Dr Dilip Ghosh was appointed Adjunct Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute in 2020. He is a nutraceuticals and natural medicine professional with over 25 years experience in functional food research, drug-development and commercialisation.

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Edwin Lim

Dr Edwin Lim was appointed Adjunct Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute in 2020. As an analytical biochemist and biostatistician, Dr Lim combines complex data from mapping small molecules in human biofluids with artificial intelligence to identify ways to diagnose diseases and predict their progression.

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James Lake

Dr James Lake was appointed Adjunct Research Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute in 2019 working in the area of integrative psychiatry. His research focuses on evidence-based uses of non-pharmacologic modalities for achieving optimal wellbeing and treating psychiatric disorders.

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Jane Lyttleton

Jane Lyttleton began her studies in science in New Zealand and then at Guys Hospital in London with doctoral studies in genetics before applying herself to the study and practice of Chinese medicine (in Australia and China).

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Janet Schloss

Dr Janet Schloss became a NICM Health Research Institute Adjunct Research Fellow in 2020. She has been in private practice as a naturopath and nutritionist for over 20 years.

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Joseph Firth

Dr Joseph Firth became a NICM Health Research Institute Adjunct in 2020 upon returning to the UK. Prior to this appointment, Dr Firth had been a Research Fellow at the Institute since 2017, focused in mental health and clinical research. Dr Firth's research investigates novel interventions for improving physical and mental health outcomes in young people with psychiatric conditions.

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Judith Lacey

Dr Judith Lacey was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor at NICM Health Research Institute in 2018. Over the past 18 years she has worked extensively with cancer patients and people living with incurable illness. She has been part of the development and integration of supportive care interventions to keep people living well with cancer, independent of prognosis or stage of disease.

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Kate Levett

Dr Kate Levett is a research specialist, with over 15 years' experience in public health research, education, clinical trials, epidemiology and management. She has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research application and education, with awarded presentation and public speaking skills, published in peer reviewed journals.

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Kelvin Chan

Adjunct Professor Chan is a Chartered Biologist (UK), Clinical Pharmacologist (UK and USA) and Registered Pharmacist (UK). He is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; the Society of Biology, UK; the Royal Society of Medicine, UK and the American College of Clinical Pharmacology, USA.

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Kerryn Phelps

Adjunct Professor Kerryn Phelps AM is one of Australia's best-known doctors and public health and human rights advocates. She has been a general practitioner for over 30 years and is a pioneer in the fields of health communication and integrative medicine in Australia.

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Kylie O'Brien

Kylie O'Brien works as the National Academic Director Complementary Medicine at the Australian Institute of Applied Science and is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Victoria University where she was previously Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning).

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Lesley Braun

Adjunct Associate Professor Lesley Braun has been at the forefront of complementary medicine research in Australia for many years, and her unique expertise particularly in relation to her well-known textbook, Herbs and Natural Supplements, will assist the Institute in the evaluation and communication of scientific evidence at point of sale and to clinicians, and in developing our media communications. In addition, she is involved in facilitating clinical research. She has worked closely with NICM Health Research Institute since its inception.

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Michael de Manincor

Dr Michael de Manincor was appointed Adjunct Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute in 2020. Bridging eastern and western modalities of mind-body health, he is one of the most highly respected yoga teachers in Australia, sought out for his expertise in the field of yoga, meditation, positive psychology and mental health.

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Mohammad Tariq

Adjunct Professor Mohammad Tariq joined NICM Health Research Institute as an Adjunct Professor in 2019. Professor Mohammad Tariq is involved in a range of research activities including the pharmacological and clinical studies of Bush Medicine, Ayurvedic and Arabic Medicine.

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Sai Seto

Dr Sai Seto was appointed Adjunct Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute in 2019. With an interest in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, Dr Seto's research aims to identify new treatment for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm and stroke.

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Stephen Myers

Stephen Myers

Adjunct Professor Stephen Myers is a complementary medicine expert and commentator, a research consultant to the Blackmores Institute, adjunct and spokesperson for NICM Health Research Institute and recently the Director of the NatMed-Research Unit within Southern Cross Plant Science at Southern Cross University.

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Susan Arentz

Dr Susan Arentz was appointed Adjunct Research Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute in 2017. She has over 20 years of translational research experience in traditional, complementary and integrative medicine.

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Valentina Naumosvki

Dr Valentina Naumovski's research is in the quality analysis of herbal medicines encompassing chemical and biological evaluation. Her expertise is in multiple analytical techniques such as chromatography, mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis, which establish the chemical profile, or "fingerprint", of the herbal material, and respective qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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Vicki Kotsirilos

Adjunct Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos AM is a respected general practitioner with over 30 years of clinical experience. She holds adjunct associate professorial positions with NICM Health Research Institute and La Trobe University's Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Faculty of Health Sciences, and formerly with Monash University.

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