Research Projects

The mechanistic study of Nao Xin Qing (NXQ) for regulating insomnia related neurotransmitters

NICM Health Research Institute are investigating if a herbal preparation made from persimmon leaf extract, called Nao Xing Qing (NXQ), can help treat insomnia based on a multi-compound-multi-targeted approach.

Persimmon leaf extract is traditionally used to promote blood circulation and remove blood statis. In Japan, herbal tea of persimmon leaves is popularly used to lower blood pressure, protect blood vessels, and help insomnia.

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder, and it is associated with increased risks of mortality, significant disability and (recurrent) stroke in population affected by cardiovascular diseases. Sleep is regulated by a variety of neurotransmitters and their complex network.

Previous studies and pilot data show promise for NXQ for promoting sleep and reducing insomnia by targeting these neurotransmitters.

NXQ is a proprietary herbal preparation from Hutchison Whampoa Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chinese Medicine Co., LTD

Researchers: Dr Xian (Phoebe) Zhou, Professor Dennis Chang
Partner/Funding Body: Hutchison Whampoa Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chinese Medicine Co., LTD