Professor Kate Stevens is the Institute Director. She is also a researcher in our Music Cognition and Action research program and a member of the School of Psychology. As a cognitive psychologist, her research focuses on temporal cognition and the psychological processes in creating and performing music, and contemporary dance and application of experimental methods to evaluate complex systems and human-computer interaction.
Peter Keller is Professor of Cognitive Science, Director of Research, and leader of the Music Cognition and Action research program at MARCS. His research aims at understanding the behavioural and brain bases of human interaction in musical contexts, specifically, the sensory-motor and cognitive processes that enable ensemble musicians to coordinate with one another
Professor Caroline Jones is a researcher in Speech and Language. Her research focuses on how we can increase the success and sustainability of Aboriginal language revitalization initiatives, how we can improve early language assessment and intervention, and what strategies support communication with elderly people. Caroline is also Research Theme Champion for the University.
Caroline Jones
Dr Manuel Varlet is a senior research lecturer in our Music Cognition and Action program. His research investigates the perceptual-motor processes underlying human performances and their changes throughout life, with expertise and pathologies, using behavioural, neuroimaging and brain stimulation methods.
Manuel Varlet
Dr Celia Harris is Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience. She studies how individual cognition, memory, and identity occur within a broader context, such that thinking, remembering, and having a sense of self happens in interaction between people, their social groups, physical environment, and activities. Her research mission is to enhance cognition and wellbeing across the lifespan by creating social and material environments that best support cognitive function.
Professor André van Schaik is the Director of the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems. His research focuses on neuromorphic engineering and computational neuroscience.
Professor Chris Davis is the leader of our Multisensory Communication research program and studies information processing involved in human communication. His research is guided by three themes: multisensory processing, human processing of linguistic complexity and cross-language and developmental comparisons.
Chris Davis
Dr Mark Antoniou is the Research Program Leader of our Speech and Language Program. He is an expert in bilingual language processing, and his research addresses the interaction between language experience and other cognitive systems, and understanding individual differences between learners.
Professor Paul Breen is the Research Program Leader of Biomedical and Human Technologies research program. His research focuses on bioelectronics and neuroscience and his interests involve investigating the potential of subsensory electrical noise as a treatment for the loss of sensory function.