MARCS Insights Series: Relational reasoning in preschoolers

Event Name MARCS Insights Series: Relational reasoning in preschoolers
Start Date 14th Nov 2023 11:00 am
End Date 14th Nov 2023 12:00 pm
Duration 1 hour

MARCS INSIGHTS SERIES – Tuesdays at 11am

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MARCS Insights - Apoorva Shivaram 2023.11.14


Apoorva Shivaram

Interest Group



Relational ability – the ability to compare situations or ideas and discover common relations – is a key process in higher-order cognition that underlies transfer in learning and creative problem solving. For this reason, it has generated intense interest both among developmentalists and in cross-species comparative studies. The gold standard for evaluating relational ability is the Relational-Match-to-Sample (RMTS) task (Premack, 1983). Current work in cognitive development has produced inconsistent results as to when children are able to pass the RMTS, with Christie and Gentner (2014) finding success at earlier ages than Hochmann et al. (2017) and Kroupin and Carey (2022). In this talk, I attempt to resolve this issue. I first describe two studies conducted in the US that bear out and extend the Christie and Gentner (2014) findings. I then discuss factors that might explain the discrepancy between the findings and preview the work that I plan to do while at MARCS.


Level 4 Seminar Room, Innovation Quarter, 160 Hawkesbury Road, Sydney, NSW 2145, Australia

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