Infant Dyslexia Research


Through the Seeds of Literacy Program, MARCS BabyLab researchers aim to identify the earliest indicators of dyslexia in children. The MARCS BabyLab boasts state-of-the-art equipment that allows for a unique and innovative approach to how we conduct infant research. Our experiments are facilitated as "active play" with our mums and bubs, and through this method, researchers are able to analyse a variety of aspects of language development, and answer important research questions about early infant development that will contribute to greater understanding of early language and cognitive development, and also influence policy making and educational programs of the future.

Latest News, Events and Highlights

A new MARCS BabyLab study has found that baby talk is the best way to communicate with an infant.
Currently, dyslexia is diagnosed after the child has started reading in school. Leader of The MARCS Institute’s BabyLab, Dr Marina Kalashnikova, tells us how the...


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