Senior Research Fellow

Emma Power

Emma Power is a school-based member and a Senior Lecturer in School of Social Sciences. Emma’s programme of research is concerned with urban living and the politics of care. It envisions a world of more caring and just cities, asking how cities can better support human life and the practice of care through studies of housing systems and governance, urban planning and cultures of home. This work is motivated by an interest in what makes cities liveable and is driven with concerns about the implications of growing urban and housing inequity, the residualisation of social welfare systems in western liberal welfare states and urban liveability in changing climates.

Current work mobilises theories of care to ask questions about the social value and work of housing and to theorise infrastructures of care and caring capacity. Emma is part of the Cooling the Commons team, investigating what it means to live well in cities in a time of climate change.

Emma's ARC DECRA fellowship 'Ageing, Home and Housing Security Among Single, Asset-poor Older Women' investigates how housing policy and governance, and ongoing housing mobility, inform how single older women who do not own a home create and maintain a sense of home and security. The project raises questions about the care work of housing, and explores how older women can find housing security and a house that is a home.

Emma is Editor of the International Journal of Housing Policy and a co-founder of the Housing Journal Podcast.


Research Focus

Selected Publications

Power, E.R. and Williams, M.J (in press) Cities of care: a platform for urban geographical care research. Geography Compass.

Power, E.R. and Gillon, C. (in press) How tenure drives household care practices and strategies. Social & Cultural Geography.

Power, E.R. and Mee, KJ. (in press) Housing: an infrastructure of care. Housing Studies.

Power, E.R. (in press). Assembling the capacity to care: care as a practice of caring-with (precarious housing). Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers.

Power, E. R. and Bergan, T (in press). Care and resistance to neoliberal reform in social housing. Housing, Theory and Society.

Power, E. R. (2017). Housing, home ownership and the governance of ageing. The Geographical Journal, 183(3), 233-246.

Power, E. R. (2017). Renting with pets: a pathway to housing insecurity? Housing Studies, 32(3), pp.336-360.

Power, E. R. (2015). Placing community self-governance: Building materialities, nuisance noise and neighbouring in self-governing communities. Urban Studies, 52(2), 245-260.

Power, E. R. (2008) "Furry families: making a human-dog family through home", Social and Cultural Geography, 9, 5, pp 535-555.

Power, E. R. (2005) "Human-Nature Relations in Suburban Gardens", Australian Geographer, 36(1), pp. 39-53.

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