Student Stories

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Meet some of our determined scholarship recipients

Julia Agustin
Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology),
Community Scholarship Recipient

'It is a fantastic feeling to know that someone believes in me and wants me to succeed in my studies. Thank you, your support goes beyond your contributions but offers me motivation.'

Matilda Harry
Bachelor of Arts (Path Tch Primary), Dean’s Scholars, 2017
'This scholarship has changed my life. My dream is to be become a teacher in remote NSW as I believe the biggest gift that a child can get is an education. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others learn. I couldn't believe how privileged I was to receive the education I did.' 

Christine Foote
Bachelor of Midwifery, 2017
'I was fortunate to enjoy financial support through academic achievement scholarships, without which I would have been unable to meet the demands of the clinical requirements of the midwifery program.'

Santigie Tarawally
Bachelor of Accounting, 2018
'This scholarship has taken away all of my limitations and the barriers that would have prevented me from completing my course.'

Eimear McCaighy
Bachelor of Communication,
Community Scholarship Recipient

'This scholarship has allowed me to continue with my studies and earn good results, despite my health challenges. Thank you.'

Rebecca Ayton
Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine), 2017
'Thanks to the donors that have supported me with a scholarship, I have achieved my dream of becoming a paramedic. Despite all that has happened with my family, I have succeeded thanks to the opportunity I was given.' 

Mustafa Ali
Bachelor of Nursing, Refugee Scholarship, 2017
'When I  first walked onto the Western campus, I felt like I was home. I have always dreamed of studying nursing and eventually medicine. Everyone has been so supportive.'

Negar Fakhar
Bachelor of Nursing, WSU Refugee Scholarship Recipient
'Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. My educational pursuits would not be possible without generous support from sponsors.'