Graduation Giving

The Graduation Gift program provides recent graduates with an opportunity to 'give as you go' by pledging support for students in need today and in future. 

We want all students to reach their graduation day but some of our students face many challenges along the way.

Did you know;

  • Around 72% of our students juggle work and study
  • Almost 10,100 of our students are from disadvantaged areas
  • Around 64% are the first in their family to go to university

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Graduation Honour Roll

Thank you to all those graduates, family and friends who have made a Graduation Gift – and congratulations on your achievements!

This donor honour roll celebrates the achievements of our graduates and recognises the commitment of Graduation Gift donors. Your gifts will help ensure more students make it to graduation day.

Anonymous (1)

Samra Alisphaic (2013)

Rikardo Biar (2013)

Gerard Bohun (2011)

Deepak Borate (2012)

Linda Burnett (2012)

Fredy Chiriya (2013)

Anthony Colosi (2012)

James Nicholas Cowan (2012)

Sahaya Devi (2013)

Theodora Dimos in honour of George Dimos (2012)

Georgina Donovan (2012)

Dong Duong in honour of my parents (2011)

Helen Geale (2011)

David Giacobbe (2013)

Catherine Golden (2013)

James Gourley (2011)

Anuradha Gunatillake (2011)

Sunil Gunatillake in honour of Richie(2011)

Doreen Hamilton (2011)

Jennifer Hansen (2011)

Emily Harty (2011)

Kai He (2011)

Christopher Illert (2013)

Alana Jacquet (2013)

Russell Jones in honour of Jaime (2011)

Natik Kade (2011)

Thomas Kapellos (2013)

Andrew Kelly (2011)

Sacha Kennedy (2012)

Alan Khosh (2011)

Lai Chun Kwan (2013)

Tek Lama (2013)

Brain Li (2012)

Amanda Mansour (2011) 

Gaving Forbes McDonald (2011)

Alisa McDonald (2011)

Susan Monteverdi in memory of Paul Monteverdi (2012)

Pat Monteverdi in memory of Paul Monteverdi (2012)

Nancy Mourad (2013)

Matthew Mowad (2012)

Kumbirai Mpofu (2012)

Shashidhar Murthy (2013)

Nair and Narayan Family and Friends in Sydney (2011)

Minh Quoc Nguyen (2011)

Tein Dung Nguyen (2012)

Wei Xiang Pan (2012)

Gillian Paxton (2013)

Estrella Pearce (2012)

Roger Price (2011)

Celia Raya (2012)

Timothy Ryan (2011)

Hongzhi Shan (2012)

Chaiyaporn Songtanin (2012)

Lynne Stonestreet in honour of Erin Mitchell (2011)

Aravind Tamilarasan (2011)

Tome Tomeski (2012)

Jennifer Tran (2012)

Satit Tuamsombun (2012)

Joel Tungcab (2013)

David Turner (2013)

Lee Walker (2011)

Kirrily Warner (2011)

Jennifer Wiggers de Vries (2012)

Amy Wilson (2012)

Louis Wong (2012)

Yong Pei Zhang (2012)

Give as you go. Make a Graduation Gift.

Every dollar you give will be spent helping another student who's doing it tough.

As you leave university, plan your careers and build your lives, think of how you can give back. Start today by making a small tax deductible donation.

Thank you for your support.