Translational Health Research Institute


The biggest challenge in health research is translating great research into better patient outcomes

Triple Vision

Western Sydney University is creating a new model of healthcare research: THRI.

THRI will be a research institute deliberately situated within and closely connected to its community – a grounding which gives it the diverse and vibrant social context necessary to deliver not only research rigour but, most importantly, relevance.

THRI will integrate Western Sydney University's world-class research into best policy and practice, based on government health priorities and the needs of the nation's fastest growing urban population, Western Sydney. We will focus on our community and support seamless healthcare from primary and population health through to acute hospital treatment.

Triple Focus

The ultimate challenge in healthcare is delivering an integrated system which provides timely access to quality services with limited resources. The challenge is intensifying as demand for quality medical and health outcomes increases exponentially with population growth and demographic shifts.

THRI will overlay health research and strong epidemiological and data analysis with a deep understanding of broader social and economic factors. THRI will deliver health outcomes across a range of health and medical research priorities through the framework of quality, access and value for money.

Get Involved

Research is most powerful when it is done in partnership. THRI and Western Sydney University are ready to deliver in genuine partnership with the community, government and industry.

If you are seeking to increase access to health services, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a service or health program, or even seeking innovative solutions to broader long term health issues in our region: come and talk to us about how we can work together as partners in THRI's new model of health research.


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James Kemp Chief Operating Officer

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