Welcome Professor Robert Gorkin, Co-Director, THRI

Rober Gorkin 2 C

Professor Robert Gorkin (opens in a new window) has been appointed as the Co-Director (Impact, Innovation, and Partnerships) and will lead the Institute's efforts in research translation, fostering advancements in health and medical innovations, and facilitating effective collaborations with community, government, and industry.

Robert brings experience working on five continents with world-class institutes and companies ranging from international corporations to non-for-profits.  He has a background across Biomedical Engineering and Entrepreneurship, and works at the interface of emerging technologies and social good.  He has experience across Drug Development, Clinical Diagnostics, Smart Materials, Machine learning/AI, 3D-4D-BioPrinting, Robotics, drones/UAVs, Internet of Things (IoT), and Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/XR), among other interests.

When not assisting THRI in expanding Western's impact in health and wellness innovation, Robert is CEO of Eudaemon Technologies, a scale-up company bringing the next generation condom through clinical trials, or actively volunteering with Surf Lifesaving and Landcare.

Rob will work alongside Professor Janette Perz, the Co-Director (Research), who will facilitate the culture of innovation, excellence, and inclusivity that underpins THRI's achievements in scholarship, research, and research training.