Dr Ramy Bishay


Staff specialist endocrinologist and clinical lead of the Metabolic & Weight Loss Clinic at Blacktown Hospital


He hails from Toronto, Canada where he graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor's and master's in cardiac transplantation. Ramy studied medicine at the University of Sydney where he received honours for evaluating intensive lifestyle as a successful approach to achieving sustainable weight loss and improved glycaemic outcomes at Concord Hospital. He has published over 18 publications (including a book) and has given talks at both national and international conferences in endocrinology and the field of obesity, diabetes, metabolic bone disease and thyroid disease. He is an adjunct clinical lecturer at University of Sydney and Western Sydney University.

Ramy was a lead (along with Professors Michael Edye, Mark McLean, Golo Ahlenstiel and Glen Maberly) in establishing the multi-specialty metabolic obesity clinic in 2017 in Blacktown Hospital, which is slated to become one of the largest programs of its kind in the country.

His research interests include studying the metabolic, functional and psychological outcomes following surgical and non-surgical (i.e., intensive behavioural) weight loss interventions, as well as elucidating predictors of surgical complications. Furthermore, adverse bone health from secondary hyperparathyroidism or changes to bone quality after >15% body weight loss are reported but not fully understood. Finally, changes to insulin sensitivity and hypoglycaemia are common after bariatric-metabolic surgery and Ramy’s team endeavours to study glycaemic variability and it’s pathogenesis with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems and assessment of incretin and other gut hormones.