Seeds of language development: Development of hearing impaired infants’ speech perception and vocalisation over the first three years of life

This project investigates how infants with and without hearing loss develop early language skills from birth until 2 years of age.

We are interested in finding out how hearing loss affects the development of the ability to perceive language sounds, and how these effects can be medicated.


Professor Denis Burnham (opens in a new window)

Dr Anne Dwyer (opens in a new window)

Dr Marina Kalashnikova

Dr Varghese Peter

Dr Benjawan Kasisopa

Maria Christou-Ergos (opens in a new window)

Irena Lovcevic (opens in a new window)

Jessica Tan (opens in a new window)

Partner / Funding Body

Human Research Ethics Committee Approval Number: H11517

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NameMaria Christou-Ergos
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