Why participate?

Besides making a meaningful contribution to science, you and your child will get to gain an interesting bonding and learning experience.

Each BabyLab Participant Receives the following:

Travel and Time Allowance
Compensation for time and travel

Free Parking
Free, reserved parking at all our locations

BabyLab Graduation Certificate
Bachelor’s Degree on first visit, Honours on second, Masters on third, PhD on fourth, etc.

Participation Gift
Your child will receive a book or a toy after every study

About Us

MARCS BabyLab is a non-profit Western Sydney University Infant Research Centre for pure and applied infant research on speech perception and language acquisition. We are the foremost infant research laboratory in Australia.

We team up with little humans to try and answer big questions about what goes on inside the mind of a baby. We design simple but intentional experiments focusing on speech perception, speech production, and related skills such as literacy.

Our researchers monitor the participants’ responses using state-of-the-art equipment including eye tracking, heart rate monitoring, and EEG (electroencephalogram) technology.

These studies provide a window into the mind of young babies and from there, we learn more about the way humans first acquire language and think about the world around them.