Optimising Infant Directed Speech

It is well known that parents modify the qualities of their speech when they speak to their young infants. However, there are large individual differences in the extent to which each parents does so, and these differences relate significantly to the infants' language development.

In this study, we assess the effects of a brief training program on maximising the extent to which parents modify the qualities of their speech that can support their baby's language development.

Researchers are recruiting 8-12 month old monolingual infants to participate in this study.  Please register or contact us directly to take part.


Professor Denis Burnham (opens in a new window)

Maria Christou-Ergos (opens in a new window)

Caitlin Hooper (opens in a new window)

Partner / Funding Body
  • Western Sydney University Early Career Researcher Fellowship

Human Research Ethics Committee Approval Number: H11517

For more information or to register your interest, please contact:
NameMaria Christou-Ergos
Phone+61 2 9772 6229