Speech Registers

PhD Student Project

Irena's thesis title is "The role of Infant-directed speech in language development in babies with hearing loss".

This study investigates how young infants perceive different speech registers via the electroencephalogram (EEG) procedure. The experiment involves baby sitting on parent's lap in front of a monitor and listening to different sounds presented over the loudspeakers.

During the session, baby's brain waves will be measured and recorded using an advanced EEG system which involves putting a smooth net of sensors on the baby's head. This system is certified for use with babies and it's completely painless. The study will last around 20 minutes.


Irena Lovcevic (opens in a new window)

Academic Supervisors

Professor Denis Burnham (opens in a new window)

Dr Marina Kalashnikova (opens in a new window)

Partner / Funding Body
  • Western Sydney University

Human Research Ethics Committee Approval Number: H11517

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NameIrena Lovcevic
Phone+61 2 9772 6660