Messages from Employers

Sophie Madden, News Xtend

Sophie is the Senior Campaign Manager at News Xtend, the digital agency of News Corp which supports small to medium sized businesses in the area of digital marketing. 

Sophie shares three key learnings from her own time at university.

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Matthew Stewart, City of Canterbury Bankstown

Matthew is the General Manager at City of Canterbury Bankstown Council.

Matthew shares about the fundamental importance of lifelong learning and resilience during times of adversity.

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Gus Nehme, Thrive Refugee Enterprise

Gus is the NSW State Manager at Thrive, a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to provide business and financial support to refugees to enable them to create and grow new businesses and become financially independent. 

Gus shares about the value of keeping motivated and staying connected.

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Christine Ma, IBM Australia and New Zealand

Christine is a Talent Acquisition Partner working in the recruitment team at IBM.

Christine shares her insights and highlights the importance of being ambitious and recognising your values, skills and areas of interest when seeking new opportunities.

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Wendy Waller, Liverpool Mayor

Wendy is the Mayor of Liverpool City Council.

Wendy offers her congratulations and shares insights about the unique opportunities available to graduates contributing to their communities and local economy.

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