Messages from Alumni

Congratulations on completing your degree!

We know this year has certainly been different. We have all had to change the way we approach the work and study. As a result, you’ve learned many amazing capacities to deal with the uncertainties of life. From the ability to adapt to ever changing situations, to solving first-of-their kind problems, you have sharpened your resilience and determination to achieve your degree.

You are what employers need right now and into the future. You are ready for an uncertain future. As an alum, we are right beside you. You are now part of a global network of 200,000 alumni. You have lifetime access to alumni benefits. Anytime you need to, you can tap into Western’s services to reach your unlimited potential.

Chris Youness
Director, Office of Employability and Graduate Success; and
fellow Western Alumni.

Jaime Gibson

Jaime Gibson is an International Creative Arts Educational Consultant and graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Music.

Jaime shares about his career success both internationally and in Australia and the importance of staying connected to realise your full potential.

Lynne Anderson

Lynne is the CEO of Paralympics Australia.

Lynne remarks on her time at Western, the opportunities available in unprecedented times of change, and the critical point of being agile and focusing on what you can do - not what you can't do.

Orville Tagud

Orville is a video strategist and owner of Greater Visuals, a video production business and completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting.

Orville shares about his career journey so far and the importance of pursuing a career that you love.

Gail Brown

Gail is a WSU Alumni and author of the book: COVID Conversations: Helping Children Understand What’s Going On.

Gail shares how her post-graduate studies at Western helped her to get to where she is now as an Education Consultant & how her recent book came to fruition.

Michelle Badato-Tagud

Michelle is a digital marketing strategist and business owner who graduated with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in public relations in 2011.

Michelle shares how she made the most of her communications degree and how it allowed her to move into running her own consultancy business.

Vivin George

Vivin is a WSU Alumni and a design researcher at Australia Post. 

Vivin shares how he used his Advanced Business Leadership major as a stepping-stone to securing a graduate role with AusPost, and top tips for applying for graduate programs and where they can lead you.

Mark and Heather Jones

Meet Mark and Heather, Western Sydney University sweethearts who met in their Bachelor of Arts & Communications (and even got engaged in their 3rd year of University!). They're also the founders of Filtered Media, an extraordinary PR + Content Marketing Agency.

Hear about their career journey, what they've learnt, their top pieces of careers advice for students and graduates. Be sure to stay tuned until the end for a funny story from their studies.