The ESM Program

What is the ESM Program?

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is an umbrella program which guides and enables the projects managing each of our service areas as they come into WesternNow.

This digital transformation journey will be undertaken with a staged and progressive approach, commencing with service delivery areas that are readily achievable and add significant value. To learn more about each service area coming into WesternNow, please see below.

Feedback and Contacts

In the ESM Program Team, we know that engagement and feedback will be the key to all of our successes and without your help, we know that we could not deliver WesternNow. Technology is about you.

So please get in touch with our feedback form below or contact one of our dedicated ESM Program Team members.

Partnering with our WesternNow Service Areas

The ESM Program has partnered with key service areas across the University to deliver a seamless user experience, where most Services can be found at the touch of your fingertips.

Project and Portfolio Management - delivered and live!

The PMO has undertaken a project to develop and implement a Project Management system coming into WesternNow. The tool delivers improvements to project management, project pipeline management, reporting, and governance. Learn more.

ITDS Service Management Upgrade - updated and live!

ITDS has been updating its ServiceNow Platform. Visit the IT Portal.

Human Resources (HR) 

The Human Resources Team have been working hard to improve how their division can provide HR services and support to staff. Learn more.

Student Experience Office (SEO) Services

We are excited to announce that as part of the broader ESM program we are implementing a number of Student Experience Office services into WesternNow. Learn more.

Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC)

The Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the University’s strategic position is clearly communicated, both internally and externally. We plan to go live with the new forms in November 2020. Learn more.

Academic Division

The Academic Division collaborates with the Schools, Divisions and external partners to enable and sustain our students’ academic success.  We will go live with a range of forms on WesternNow from December 2020. Learn more.

Strategic Procurement Services

Coming Soon.

How is the ESM Program different from WesternNow?

The ESM program is how WesternNow will be delivered to you. WesternNow is how we access all of our services and knowledge through an easy-to-use portal in the future.

The ESM Program is being led and managed by the Project Management Office (PMO) and Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS). Due to the program being a strategic priority, the ESM Program is steered and advised by a senior executive Steering Committee.

Our intention is to extend the capability to all relevant areas in WSU as determined by the Steering Committee through our Program Governance Structure and Assurance Framework.

There are many partners, collaborating together to bring the best possible solutions for the ESM Program, and ultimately for our staff and students. Partners include Deloitte, ServiceNow and CSA, and internally, ITDS and the Student Management Systems (SMS) Program.