How WesternNow Works?

WesternNow is an intuitive portal that helps our staff and students find services and knowledge, quickly and simply, ensuring a smoother and better process for all involved.

Over the next little while, you will start to see some of the changes taking place as we implement WesternNow. We are working closely with schools and divisions to ensure that you are updated regularly.

WesternNow Portal for Staff and Students: A Peek Inside

The portals have been designed with you in front of mind, where you can search from all of WesternNow’s services and knowledge bases, at your fingertips.

Whilst we finalise the design and test the functionality of both portals, we thought that you have a sneak peek to see what each one does.

WesternNow Staff Portal

For staff, each service is represented by a named tiled where it will provide a link to the relevant services available. Likewise, your requests, their status, as well as any actions that need to be approved, will be visible and easily accessible. You will be able to find knowledge and help readily, so you no longer have to waste time trying to find the right information.

Staff Portal

WesternNow Student Portal

At first glance, both portal look very similar, however, this has been designed to ensure that our student's needs are met.

Student Portal