External Partners

Western Sydney University is proud to partner with the following organisations.

We believe that we grow as an organisation when we work with and learn from a range of external partners.

Fire and Rescue NSW

The Economic Cost of the Health Impact from Residential Fire - A Case Study in NSW - Scholarship.

CPA Australia

Adapting Accounting professional education for the future of work: Reflecting on evidence from Australia and the U.K.

Capral Aluminium

The Role of Ventilation in Occupant Wellbeing

Australian Taxation Office

National Tax Clinic 2022 - 2023 (opens in a new window)

The Western Sydney University Tax Clinic runs in conjunction with 14 other universities across the country and is a competitive government funded initiative designed to provide free advice and support to unrepresented small businesses and low-income individuals in need.

Parent’s At Work 

Family Friendly Workplaces Review

Public Service Association

NSW Special Constables Work Value Report


Ethics Education in Personal Financial Planning

Infrastructure Australia

Cost benefit analysis training

Lynch Group Australia Pty Ltd

Stakeholders Involvement and Data Sources for ESG Baseline Establishment, Reporting and Evaluating Environmental Footprint of the Business Operation

Australian Research Council

Social isolation and volunteering of older Chinese immigrants in Australia