Visiting Fulbright Scholar Nikita

THRI Fulbright Scholar, Nikita Roy is currently featured on the homepage of the Australian Fulbright website (opens in a new window)

Nikita is a graduate student and Fulbright Scholar at the University of Connecticut pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Health. She plans to attend medical school in the United States after returning from Australia.

Nikita, under the supervision of Dr Genevieve Steiner, is studying the association between a genetic polymorphism and cognitive function in humans, at the Translational Research Health Institute (THRI) and NICM Health Research Institute, both housed at Western Sydney University.

This work explores potential neural bases of dementia and other forms of cognitive decline. Her hope is that this work will advance clinical research surrounding early detection and prevention of neurodegenerative disease.

Nikita also looks forward to gaining insight on the Australian healthcare system and practices, and to bringing what she has learned back to the United States to aid in her future practice of medicine. She believes that a brighter future for American healthcare can be shaped by cross-cultural collaboration with other developed nations.

Nikita will be working from Campbelltown Campus and can be contacted at