TeEACH Launch

The new Strategic Research Initiative Transforming Early Education and Child Health (TeEACH) was launched during Research Week 2019.

TeEACH aims to improve health and learning outcomes for children, commencing with the antenatal period and continuing to child age 8 years. TeEACH particularly focuses on the first 2000 days for children living with adversity, driven by the vision that no child should have their potential limited by the settings into which they are born and live. This mission will be achieved by supporting and extending the already exceptional work happening across the University in this space, deepening transdisciplinary collaborations and strengthening partnerships with external organisations. TeEACH is already having a significant impact locally, national and globally.

TeEACH differs significantly to other centres focused on the early childhood years in relation to focus, methodologies, and transdisciplinary ways of working. Our attention is on research translation and implementation science: being effective, at-scale, in the real world. We bring specialist expertise in conducting research that is embedded in practice within diverse contexts, including international contexts. We look beyond children’s health conditions and educational experiences to service innovation and whole of system change that is sustainable.