MCRN Webinar: Knowledge gains for pelvic pains

When: Thursday 1 September 2022
Time: 1pm to 1:45pm
Location: Online Webinar
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MCRN Webinar: Knowledge gains for pelvic pains – exploring the role of pain education for people with persistent pelvic pain

The Menstrual Cycle Research Network is pleased to announce its inaugural webinar.

Millie Mardon, a PhD Candidate from UniSA will be presenting her research on persistent pelvic pain. Persistent pelvic pain (PPP) is complex. Pain science education aims to unravel this complexity by providing information about ‘how pain works’, including explanations about the biological, psychological, and social contributors to pain, and how these factors can be modified to reduce pain and increase well-being. The role of pain science education for PPP remains in its infancy. Millie will present the results of some of her PhD research that investigates the most important pain science concepts for females with PPP and how this influences pain management. Millie will discuss how pain science education appears to play an important role in the management of PPP and may provide a framework for integrating pain science education into the clinical management of PPP to improve patient outcomes.


Amelia Mardon

PhD Candidate @University of South Australia

Amelia (Millie) Mardon is a third-year PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. Her research focuses on investigating the role of pain science education and self-management strategies for females with persistent pelvic pain. Prior to undertaking her PhD, Millie completed a Bachelor of Medical Science and Bachelor of Biomedical Research (Honours). Millie now has first-author publications in field-leading journals including JAMA, BJOG, and The Journal of Pain. Through her research, she hopes to better the knowledge of those with persistent pelvic pain about their pain and thus improve pain management outcomes.