Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Research and Advisory Forum 2016

Report by Rachel Westcott, PhD student

RAF poster

The RAF is a twice-yearly meeting between researchers and end-users. Project leaders presented updates on their work, and met with end-users formally and informally over two days, exchanging and matching priorities. The PhD students attended a workshop on the previous day, and I think we all enjoyed hearing how our fellow candidates' projects are developing, each of us with a deeper appreciation and understanding of our peers' exploits as our own work matures.

My poster that I presented at the RAF, 'Narrowing the awareness-preparedness gap: investigating an other-directed application of protectionmotivation theory (PMT) for animal owners and emergency responders in bushfire emergencies' PDF, 276.74 KB (opens in a new window) outlines the theoretical framework for my research. I'm using Thematic Analysis, with NVivo and a parallel spreadsheet, and am most grateful to the CHR and Prof Janette Perz for the opportunity to attend the TA workshop in December 2015.

It was also exciting to see the Aurora Australis (Australian Antarctic research and resupply ship), in dock outside the UTAS Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC building. Her conspicuous orange hull matched the theme for WOW day – Wear Orange Wednesday – to acknowledge the contribution of SES Volunteers during Volunteer Week.