Teaching About the Stolen Generations in NSW Schools: A Comparative Study of the Role and Impacts of In-person Storytelling on Members of the Stolen Generations, Students and Teachers

This project aims to investigate the role and impacts on children of in-person storytelling by a member of the Stolen Generations from the perspectives of those who tell their own story and students; and to compare the role and impact on children of non-in-person methods used to teach the history of the Stolen Generations (e.g. dramatization, archival material) from the students' perspectives.

PhD candidate Coralie Properjohn has based her PhD on this project, exploring teachers' subjective experiences of teaching the 'difficult knowledge' inherent in Stolen Generations pedagogy.

Supervised by: Associate Professor Rebekah Grace, Dr Corrinne Sullivan and Dr Kevin Lowe

Current Research:

  • a qualitative study across 4 schools
  • interviewing members of the Stolen Generations, Students, Teachers and Aboriginal education staff