Greenscapes: How does your garden grow?

The project involves the co-design and co-construction of an edible garden at a South-West Sydney Primary School by the school’s children, parents and community members and school staff in collaboration with researchers at Western Sydney University.


The garden design will incorporate a guided learning approach in which the children will learn, develop and test hypotheses and carry out simple but effective climate change adaptation practices that reduce the negative impacts of extremes of heat (heat waves) and rainwater (cycles of drought and heavy rains) on growth and yield of food-source plants.

Greenscapes2 The research component is translational, involving collaboration of researchers from a range of relevant disciplines with the children and their parents and community in the co-design process, the carry-through to construction of the garden and the evaluation of its outcomes on both the garden and broader benefits to the children and their community including: improved food security in “challenged” communities; increased STEM reasoning, communication skills, self-efficacy and confidence and health and well-being in the children; strengthening the community and its relationships with the school

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