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Beacon_IconThe transformation of early childhood research and services from a prevailing focus on risk and adversity, to a focus on counteracting the impact of adversity with positive and beneficial childhood experiences; drawing on and building resilience, strength, and community.


Current Research Projects

Research ProjectCI Funding Type FOR CodesYear
Volunteer Family Connect (VFC) Program of Research Dr Kelly Baird, Prof Rebekah Grace Commissioned   2020
Futuro Infantil Hoy Prof Christine Woodrow Commissioned   
Children as health ambassadors: an approach to improving health, wellbeing and learning outcomes for Indigenous children and communities Prof Rebekah Grace, Dr Catherine Kaplun, Dr Janet Conti, Philip Good (PhD) WSU PhD Scholarship   2019
Greenscapes: How does your garden grow? Dr Catherine Kaplun, Prof Catherine Best, A/Prof Ann Dadich, Amy-Marie Gilpin Perpetual Grant, Some funding pending 390102, 420606, 120699 2020
Building Resilient Australian CommunitiesA/Prof Ann Dadich, Prof Rebekah GraceCommissioned 2023
Transforming silos to linked up services    
Upholding Cultural Connection for Children in Out-of-Home Care Prof Rebekah Grace, A/Prof Stacy Blythe, A/Prof Amy Wright, Prof Manjula Waniganayake, Dr Pooja Sawrikar,  Dr Fay Hadley ARCL   
The ReSPECT Project: Reconceptualising services from the perspectives of experienced children and teens Prof Rebekah Grace, D/Prof Lynn Kemp ARC Linkage 160512, 160807, 111704 2019
Improving children's early school outcomes, health and wellbeing using a child participatory methodology Dr Catherine Kaplun, Prof Rebekah Grace, D/Prof Lynn Kemp WSU ECR Grant 130102, 130105, 111704 2019
The Acknowledgement Project: Embedding Indigenous knowledges in early childhood education and care    2021
Subjective wellbeing in the early childhood years Dr Kelly Baird, Prof Rebekah Grace, D/Prof Lynn Kemp Narellan Rotary Club, Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and Narellan Rotary Mental Health Grant   2021
Listening carefully: Engaging families in early childhood education in the context of disadvantage A/Prof Christine Woodrow, Dr Jennifer Skattebol,  Dr Megan Blaxland, Dr BJ Newton, Prof Frances Press, Dr  Marianne Fenech, Ms Pamela Spall, Mrs Penelope Markham NSW Dept. of Education Strategic Grant 390302, 390307  
"And it's Not History. It's Now": Embedding a Trauma Framework into the Practice of Welfare Practitioners who Work with Aboriginal Families in the NSW Child Protection Sector Prof Rebekah Grace, Karen Menzies (PhD) WSU PhD scholarship   
Sharing parenting stories and love Prof Virginia Schmied, Dr Catherine Kaplun RAFT 111708 2020