XronoMorph | A free new app that helps musicians develop new rhythms

XronoMorph is a free new app for generating geometrically and algorithmically informed musical loops. The software enables musicians and music-enthusiasts to discover and compose compelling, novel rhythms that would be hard or even impossible to find using traditional compositional tools.

"The principles of perfect balance and wellformedness, assist in the construction of novel rhythms that would otherwise be hard to generate using other musical loop software", says MARCS Institute researcher, and XronoMorph developer, Dr Andy Milne.

"The rhythms are visualized as polygons inscribed in a circle, which allows them to be composed and understood through sound as well as shapes."

XronoMorph is free to download from http://www.dynamictonality.com/xronomorph.html.

The software was developed by an international team of researchers led by Dr. Andrew J. Milne at the MARCS Institute in Sydney. The software utilizes two underlying mathematical principles – perfect balance and well-formedness. These principles generalize polyrhythms, additive, and Euclidean rhythms. The software, as well as the underlying academic research, will be presented at a conference on New Interfaces for Musical expression in July. Follow the link for more on XronoMorph, https://www.researchgate.net/publication/302345911_XronoMorph_Algorithmic_generation_of_perfectly_balanced_and_well-formed_rhythms