Welcome Kohei Miyata

Kohei MiyataThe MARCS Institute is pleased to welcome Dr Kohei Miyata from University of Tokyo, Japan (opens in a new window). 

Dr Miyata is visiting MARCS until March 2016 and will be working with Associate Professor Peter Keller, Professor Kate Stevens, and Dr Manuel Varlet

The main interest of Kohei's research is the perception and action dynamics in the musical context, such as street dancing and music performance. 

He combines behavioral and theoretical approaches to understand the coordination property of our movement with external rhythm. His research aim while visiting MARCS is to understand the property of interpersonal coordination during dancing, in collaboration with Peter, Kate and Manuel. 

The outcomes of this research will contribute to improving learning environment and achieving best performance through understanding critical constraints over the performance. 

On behalf of all at MARCS, welcome Kohei!