The Conversation | Professor Jonathan Tapson, "Google’s Go victory shows AI thinking can be unpredictable, and that’s a concern."

Many were shocked when Google developed artificial intelligence, AlphaGo, defeated South Korean 'Go' champion, Lee Se-Dol. According to Professor Jonathan Tapson, not only should we be shocked, but also concerned, that AI can out smart humans at our own game.

"AlphaGo's win over one of the world's best players has reignited fears over the pervasive application of deep learning and AI in our future – fears famously expressed by Elon Musk as 'our greatest existential threat'", said Prof. Tapson.

Prof. Tapson asks if an AI like AlphaGo can defeat someone in a way that no one had considered before, how many other ways is artificial intelligence defying human limits in real life situation like trading on the stock market?

"How do you prevent an AI from using such methods when you don't actually know what its methods are? Especially when the method it's using, while unethical, may be undiscovered by human traders – literally, unknown to humankind?

"It's farcical to think that we will be able to predict or manage the worst-case behaviour of AIs when we can't actually imagine their probable behaviour."

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Jonathan Tapson