Professor Kate Stevens discusses the psychology of music on The Daily Edition

Kate Stevens on The Daily EditionProfessor Kate Stevens recently appeared on The Daily Edition, an afternoon entertainment show on the Seven Network, Australia, discussing the psychology of music.

Kate discussed how music affects your brain, body and behaviour, and how to use the beat of music to your benefit on Friday 24 July 2015.

The segment included some examples and take-home advice on:

  • Music and mood/emotions (how tunes influence how we feel, what should we listen to if we want to be happier)
  • Music and memory (how a song can transport us back to a specific time and make us remember specific emotions. For example, a wedding song, or your first concert)
  • Music in sport (how we can use it to psych ourselves up before a big game, are certain songs/styles/tempos better than others)
  • Music in medicine (how music can help patients with dementia, Parkinson's and newborns)
  • Music and learning (what music is best to learn a new skill, boost concentration and focus)
  • Music and fitness (what should we listen to if we want to, for example, run faster and longer. How many beats/minute, for example, so we could put together a playlist)

You can watch Kate's appearance on The Daily Edition below.