Participant Search: An opportunity for your child to learn Italian as a second language

Typically developed children aged between 6-10 years of age are invited to participate in an Italian second language learning research program at The MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University. The six, 40-minute Italian language learning sessions are designed for Australian-English speaking children with no prior second language experience.

Gaming Child 

Your child's language abilities will be evaluated before and after their exposure to Italian. These sessions can be held at your child's school, home or at a Western Sydney University campus. Touch-screen computers will be used, your child will learn Italian by playing language-learning games.

Participating in these sessions will be an enjoyable experience for your child while they learn a fantastic new language and earn rewards along the away. Please see the table below for gender and age ranges required for the sessions.

GenderAge range (i.e., aged between)
Female6yrs, 7mths – 7yrs, 1mth
Female10yrs, 1mth – 10yrs, 7mths
Female10yrs, 3mths – 10yrs, 9mths
Male6yrs, 0mths – 6yrs, 4mths
Male6yrs, 2mths – 6yrs, 8mths
Male6yrs, 9mths – 7yrs, 3mth
Male6yrs, 10mths – 7yrs, 4mths
Male8yrs, 1mths – 8yrs, 7mths

For enquiries or to register your interest please contact Tonya Agostini at the MARCS Institute on mob. 0412 207 364, office (02) 9772 6573 or email on