Kate Richards participates in SCANZ 2015

Kate Richards participates in SCANZ 2015UWS School of Humanities and Communication Arts Lecturer and MARCS Institute school-based member, Kate Richards (pictured right), recently participated in the International artists residency called Intercreate SCANZ 2015.

Facilitated by Intercreate.org, SCANZ is a biennial event that includes a hui-symposium, a two week group residency and an exhibition.

The New Zealand based residency currently includes media artists from India, Australia, Vanuatu, Nunavut (Indigenous Canada), Canada, USA and NZ (Moari and Pareka).

SCANZ runs biennial artists residency based on Art, Science, Technology and Cultural Bridging, and the exhibition was held in January in Taranaki, New Zealand.

Kate Richards is a new media artist, producer and co-ordinator of the Masters of Convergent Media at UWS.