Dr Tara Hamilton hosts "Top MARCS" Maths Day

Dr Tara Hamilton hosts "Top MARCS" Maths DayMARCS Institute researcher Dr Tara Hamilton recently ran and coordinated a CSIRO's "Scientists in Schools" program at Bankstown Girls High School. 

Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools is a national program that creates and supports long-term partnerships between primary or secondary school teachers and scientists or mathematicians. 

Dr Hamilton worked with teachers Miss Julieanne Doai, Mrs Clare Rounis, and Mrs Vicki Saisanas at Bankstown Girls High School to put together a maths day based on The MARCS Institute's themes of brain and behaviour. 

The "Top MARCS" Maths Day event was held on Friday 17 October 2014 and involved 20 girls across years 8 - 11. 

The day was structured such that students were placed put into four groups of five spanning all the year groups. Activities included a sing-along, change blindness and a competition between teams based on game theory that helped teams win points. 

Lollies were used to represent points, while $50 was awarded to each participant of the winning team. 

MARCS certificates were also awarded to each student to commend their participation. 

Based on the success of the day, Dr Hamilton is planning a similar event for 2015. On behalf of all at MARCS, thanks to Tara for organising and coordinating this great community engagement event.