Dr Jack Parkin

Profile photo of Jack Parkin.Dr Jack Parkin was awarded a doctorate in software studies and political economy from Western Sydney University in 2018. His doctoral research focused on points of control in decentralised algorithmic networks, analysing the software development models, technical infrastructures, and start-up industries of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Empirical data was retrieved via an ethnographic methodology conducted in Silicon Valley, New York City, and London where he worked for numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain companies while interviewing CEOs, venture capitalists, programmers, risk managers, entrepreneurs, and lawyers.

Dr Parkin continues to undertake research in the distributed ledger technology industry where he is also a Director for the consultancy firm Eskin Taylor.

His in press book is Money/code/space: Bitcoin, blockchain, and algorithmic decentralisation.


  • PhD, 2018, Political Economy, Western Sydney University
  • MSc, 2012, Sustainable Development, University of Exeter
  • BA, 2011, Geography, University of Exeter

Selected Publications

Parkin, J (in press), Money/code/space: Bitcoin, blockchain, and algorithmic decentralisation, Oxford University Press.

Parkin, J 2019, 'The senatorial governance of Bitcoin: making (de)centralized money', (opens in a new window), Economy and Society, DOI: 10.1080/03085147.2019.1678262.

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