New Young and Resilient Research Centre Launched

The new Young and Resilient Research Centre, led by Co-Directors Associate Professors Philippa Collin and Amanda Third, has been launched as part of the University's research week.

Amanda Third and Philippa Collin at the launch event, smiling and looking at the camera.Associate Professor Amanda Third and Associate Professor Philippa Collin at the launch.

Bringing together research expertise from the Institute for Culture and Society, and throughout the University, the Centre researches how to harness technology to explore the resilience of young people and their communities. Importantly, the Centre collaborates with young people, government, private enterprise and the not-for-profit sector to generate evidence and co-design technology-based strategies that can benefit the whole community.

This is vital work in a time when young people around the world are facing challenges like climate change, job uncertainty, unaffordable housing, poor mental health and social inequality.

One of the strengths of the Centre is the collaborative approach and involvement of young people at every stage of the process.

'Research, policy and professional practice efforts are usually led by adults and driven by what adults think is best for children and young people,' explains Associate Professor Philippa Collin. 'Working closely with young people enables us to better understand and address the problems and opportunities they face.'

'High quality research and evidence that centres young people’s lived experience needs to drive policy and practice, now and into the future,' says Associate Professor Amanda Third. 'We are deeply concerned to grapple with local issues in Western Sydney, and our work has also directly impacted state, national and global policy and practice. Thinking about how these layers intersect and inform each other gives our work real power.'

The Centre builds on extensive expertise by Associate Professors Collin and Third, whose team, since 2010, has worked with 2500+ young people, and partnered with 100+ organisations via 50+ projects in 60+ countries.

To find out more about their work see the Young and Resilient Research Centre website (opens in a new window) and the video below.

Posted: 6 November 2019.