Ghassan Hage on Reflexive Writing

On 13 December 2016, esteemed Professor Ghassan Hage gave a keynote presentation on 'Reflexive Writing' at Western Sydney University. The keynote presentation was part of the Research Student Pre-Conference, hosted by the Institute for Culture and Society as part of the larger Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2016.

In his keynote presentation, Professor Hage discussed the key issues that emerge in the process of writing, focusing on three dimensions of writing:

  • Writing evidence: How does one write about the acquisition and accumulation of data? How does one write about the different modes of relating to the world as a researcher and what are their ramifications on what one produces as accounts of reality?
  • Writing analysis: How does one write one's research experience? What does it mean to be rigorous when one deploys explaining, deducing, providing proof, exemplifying as writing strategies?
  • Writing Theory: How does one integrate theory in the process of writing? How to make theory speak to social and cultural realities and vice versa. What does critiquing means? How to think with a multiplicity of theories. How to develop one's own theories.

Watch Professor Hage's talk:

Posted: 20 January 2017