ICS Researchers are 'Hacking for Good'

A blue background with the letters RHoK and an icon of Australia written out in white squares. In blue and grey writing it reads Random Hacks of Kindness: Hacking for Humanity.

ICS researchers Liam Magee and Teresa Swist are among organisers of the RHoK Parramatta group – the newest addition to Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) Australia, and part of a global community of technologists and changemakers who are 'hacking for good'. Twice a year, they run hackathons that bring together volunteer developers and tech-savvy dogooders to work with charities, community groups and social enterprises.

RHoK Australia (opens in a new window)is one of the most vibrant and engaged RHoK communities in the world, and it is Australia's largest and longest running social hackathon. The group offers ongoing support during the year to make sure that solutions are deployed and used by the wider community and it matches up organisations that have a social impact with skilled technologists who want to make a difference, to develop open-source solutions to the challenges facing society.

Three upcoming events are scheduled in Parramatta, with the first being tonight:

  • Ideation Evening: Wednesday 28 October
  • Information Night: Wednesday 25 November
  • Summer Hackathon: Saturday and Sunday 5–6 December

For more information on these events and to register, visit RHoK Parramatta on Meetup.com (opens in a new window).

You can also follow @RHoKAustralia (opens in a new window)and @RHoKParramatta (opens in a new window)on Twitter, like their Facebook page (opens in a new window)or email them at info@rhokaustralia.org

Posted: Wednesday 28 October 2015.