Professor Arvanitakis Launches New Teaching Project

Professor Arvanitakis in a room with 6 other people from RMIT University, orange background

Above: Professor James Arvanitakis (centre) with RMIT University's Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project team.

On Friday 7 June, Professor James Arvanitakis launched RMIT University's Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project. 

The Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project is an initiative of the Office of the Dean, Learning and Teaching, with the project team working across three Colleges to integrate inclusive teaching principles into everyday teaching practice.

Emanating from the project's aim to disseminate good inclusive practices, is the Inclusive Conversation Series, which features leading educational thinkers and practitioners sharing and exchanging their insights with RMIT staff. 

In the first of these planned quarterly conversations, Professor Arvanitakis discussed themes of inclusion and exclusion, and what they have meant to him in his own education and what they mean to him as a teacher trying to engage every one of his students (sometimes 400 first year students at a time in a large lecture theatre).

In front of an audience of 200 RMIT staff, Professor Arvanitakis modelled the methods he uses in large learning spaces. He returned to RMIT the following week to deliver three successful workshops on the innovative pedagogies he employs with students at UWS.