ICS welcomes new members and students

Welcome to the new members and students who have joined the Institute for Culture and Society recently.

Our newest members are Dr Louise Crabtree, Research Fellow; Professor Katherine Gibson; and Dr Teresa Swirski, ICS Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Louise and Katherine have moved to ICS from the Urban Research Centre at UWS. Teresa is working on the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre project, Safe and Well Online: Researching Social Communications in the Promotion of Young People’s Safety and Wellbeing.

We also welcome these new students:

  • Seema Reynolds – This Place is Yours: Young People, Technology and Well-Being – Supervisor: Amanda Third; Co-Supervisor: Bob Hodge – PhD
  • Michael Hartup – Comparative Study of Vulnerable Youth and On-line Creativity – Supervisor: Amanda Third; Co-Supervisor: Philippa Collin – PhD
  • Christiane Kuhling – Indian Tourists' Photographs - on Materiality, Image Content and Travel Practice – Supervisor: Tim Winter; Co-Supervisor: Emma Waterton – PhD
  • Laura Anne Kraak – Dynamics of Cultural and Human Rights in the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage – Supervisor: Tim Winter; Co-Supervisor: Sonja Van Wichelen – PhD
  • Peter Davison - Digital Economy – Social Factors in the Selection and Identification of technology start-up by angel investors groups – Supervisor: Donald McNeill; Co-Supervisor: Felicity Wray – PhD
  • Cecilia Hilder – Informing "teachable moments“ through examining how young Australians engage online – Supervisor: Philippa Collin; Co-Supervisors: Zoe Sofoulis and Amanda Third – PhD
  • Sebastian Martin Valdez – Communicational Rights and Media policies in Argentina – Supervisor: Juan Salazar; Co-Supervisor: James Arvanitakis – PhD.

22 April 2013