ICS congratulates its new graduates

Congratulations to the five Institute for Culture and Society students graduating in the UWS autumn graduation ceremony today.

18 ceremonies are being held at the UWS Parramatta campus from Monday 15 to Friday 19 April, and more than 4000 students will join the ranks of the UWS Alumni.

The students graduating from ICS are:

  • Lilliana Correa, DCR, The Politics of Cultural Visibility. Supervisor: Bob Hodge; Co-Supervisor: Juan Salazar.
  • Maria Glaros, PhD, A Cultural, Social and Historical Analysis of German, Italian and Japanese Women Living in Australia During WWII. Supervisor: Judith Snodgrass.
  • Cathy O’Callaghan, PhD, Negotiating the Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Children's Health Care: The Australian Context. Supervisor: Ien Ang; Co-Supervisor: Robyn Bushell.
  • Willem Paling, PhD, Mobility, Modernity, Identity: The World in Phnom Penh and Phnom Penh in the World. Supervisor: Tim Winter; Co-Supervisor: Ien Ang.
  • Michael Wilson, PhD, Accumulating Resilience: An Investigation of the Migration and Resettlement Experiences of Young Sudanese People in the Western Sydney Area. Supervisor: Greg Noble; Co-Supervisors: Cameron McCauliffe and Megan Watkins.

Congratulations Lilliana, Maria, Cathy, Willem and Michael.

16 April 2013