Human Security and Development in the Lao PDR

By Kearrin Sims

16 May 2011

CCR PhD candidate, Kearrin Sims, has just had an article published in Asian Survey with Brendan Howe.

A white skull is painted over a red background with the words 'Danger!!'.

Development in Laos has occurred slowly, with uneven distribution and significant negative effects. This article challenges the simplistic assumption of human development and human security as mutually reinforcing processes. It suggests a holistic approach addressing simultaneously competing demands from the perspective of the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Howe, B. and Sims, K. 2011, 'Human Security and Development in the Lao PDR: Freedom from Fear and Freedom from Want', Asian Survey, 51(2): 333-355.

Looking down over tree-covered hills in Laos. People working in a flooded field in Laos.