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There are many reasons why a person with disability may be the best fit for your business. Your main priority is to have the right person for the job, and sometimes that person will also happen to have a disability. It is great to know that research shows employees with disability are:

  • Reliable -Take fewer days off and stay in their jobs longer than others
  • Productive - Motivated and perform equally as well as other employees in the right job. Many are highly educated and skilled.
  • Affordable - Have less workplace accidents and recruitment, insurance cover and compensation costs are lower. There is financial support available to assist with any necessary adjustments.
  • Good for business - Build good relationships with customers, demonstrate your business' commitment to inclusion, and create a positive workplace culture.

Financial and practical support is available to help you develop a diverse workplace. The following are useful sites where you can find out more about the supports and incentives available at no cost to employers:

  • Recruitment support, training and ongoing workplace support is available through Disability Employment Services.
  • The Employment Assistance Fund assists with the costs of workplace adjustments and equipment.
  • Wage subsidies can help cover the costs of paying wages in the first few months of employment. For apprentices with disability, wage support is available for the whole duration of the apprenticeship.
  • The supported wage system provides an opportunity to employ a person with higher level of disability and pay a fair wage that is matched with their productivity.

For large businesses, the Australian Network on Disability and National Disability Recruitment Coordinator provide very useful resources and support.

For employers we have a range of Information Sheets which will make it easier to make decisions and understand your responsibilities when considering working with or employing persons with disabilities. Also be sure to check out our Missed Business Guide to learn more about attracting customers and great staff to your business by providing better access to your business.

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