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Career advice

When considering careers, it is important to have a good look at your interests, passions, skills and goals and how well possible careers match with these. As a person with disability, it's also important to consider the potential impact of your disability on your work, and to think about adjustments you may need.

Research Possibilities

Before making any decisions about your career, it is important to think about and research a range of careers you are interested in. Doing this now will help you to make informed decisions. There are many people who can help you with this process. Think about talking with:

  • career advisors and other teachers who know you well
  • family and friends
  • other people with disability
  • disability staff at tertiary education settings you may want to study at
  • people already working in careers you are interested in.

Don't let your disability stop you from following your interests. Open yourself up to the full range of possibilities!

Educational institutions and employers are required by law to make reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities. However, you will need to be able to meet the inherent, or essential, requirements of the course or the job. You can find out more about support at study and work on this website. Also have a think about disclosure.

Our Get Ready workbooks are a great resource to help you explore a range of career possibilities and support.

Online career information

The internet is a great source of career information and advice. Our Career Toolbox (PDF, 314.15 KB) has links to a large number of useful sites you can explore. Here are just a few:

The Good Careers Guide - The Good Careers Guide provides an in-depth look at a huge range of occupations, and their education and training pathways. It also gives useful information about how to work out what occupations suit you best, based on your interests and abilities.

MyFuture - Australia's Career Information Service - a joint initiative of Commonwealth, State & Territory governments. Allows exploration of future career options based on personal strengths and preferences.

My Big Tomorrow - This website profiles over 90 different career paths, from sport scientist to band manager. It aims to inspire you to dream big about your future and provides tools to help you reach your goals.

Careers Online - Provides practical career information in areas such as choosing a career, exploring jobs and courses, resume writing, interview skills, and writing job applications.

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