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Telling others about your or another person's disability is often referred to as 'disability disclosure'. Whether to disclose your disability to your school, TAFE, university or employer is generally a personal decision.

Disclosing a disability involves some challenges and choices, especially when it involves your studies, training or job. You might need to think about 'Do I need to disclose my disability?', 'When is the best time to disclose my disability?', 'How do I disclose my disability?', 'What are my rights?' and 'Do I have responsibilities when I disclose?'. Each of these questions are complex and personal matters. But thinking about these questions now will help you get ready for study, training and work after school.

Parents and carers of young people with disability may also be considering the same questions on behalf of their loved one and in relation to how they tell others about their loved ones disability.

As a disability service provider, educator and/or employer of people with disability you may also have some questions or concerns about your role when a person discloses their disability to you. Or you may have questions about whether and how you are able to disclose details of a person's disability to others when it is necessary to do so.

Our website Choosing Your Path. Disclosure: It's A Personal Decision is a good starting point to find some details on disability disclosure. This website addresses challenges for people with disabilities, employers and educators in post-secondary education and employment environments. The website also describes the roles and responsibilities of employers and educators in relation to disability disclosure.

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